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Everest - Take Your Path

Providing High Elevation Medication Statewide

Everest concentrates is a leading cannabis concentrate company, produced in-house at Noble Herb in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Our concentrates stand apart from competing brands in flavor and quality and are produced with state-of-the-art techniques of the highest standard.

Maintaining Purity With Modern Techniques

Everest was founded at the base of Arizona’s tallest mountain range.

Inspired by breath-taking adventures among these lofty peaks, Everest strives to go above and beyond, using cutting-edge extraction techniques to produce the highest quality extracts possible.

Full-Spectrum Cannabis Concentrates

Everest is available in unique, full spectrum concentrates and cartridges.

  • natural terpenes
  • made from locally grown cannabis
  • sustainably grown, harvested and extracted

Everest offers concentrated cannabis products in a wide variety of consistencies, compositions, and potencies.

Choose from an array of concentrated cannabis products offered in a variety of indica, sativa and hybrid strains for your desired experience.

Everest Cartridges
80%+ THC distillate with natural terpenes; portable, convenient vapor production

Everest Shatter
undisturbed curing process creates a potent glass-like consistency

Everest Crumble
agitated curing process creates a flavorful, brittle batter-like consistency

Everest Batter
high terpene extract creates a wet, soft batter-like consistency

Everest Terp Sugar
a blend of small THC crystals and terpenes create a wet, sugar-like consistency

Everest Diamond Sauce
1:1 blend of large THC crystals and terpenes creating a potent product with excellent smell and flavor

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